Kicks and Tricks

Kicks and Tricks is the latest scheme to be launched by Munster Haka. Here’s some information on the matter 


What you have to do 

Get your hands on a rugby ball with your mates, with somebody recording,  you show off either your kicking ability (or lack of it) or some freestyle tricks (Zebo-esque) 


We would be delighted to see your efforts online. To make this possible please send your videos to our page or use the hashtag #Kicksandtricks to enable our access. 

Why would you want to do it? 

Once we see your videos we will create a completion of them and use the music from ‘Soccer AM’s Skills School’. At the end of the video we will announce the winner. Should be a bit of craic 

Get going! We won’t accept entrees beyond the 20th of Jume 



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