Get to Know the Team

This is a semi-serious introduction to our team of writers. Enjoy. 

Admin Ronan – Manager

Simply the man who does everything. Ronan has enjoyed the back pages of newspapers more than up-beat music since the age of eight. He has therefore became a self-employed journalist who’s characteristic negativity flows through his writing.

Hidden Talents: Decent at breaking/losing stuff. singer-songwriter, schools rugby flanker.

Favourite Munster player: Peter O’Mahony

GIF to sum him up: 

Fail Window animated GIF

Admin Paul – Manager 

Paul is diagnosed with a severe case of laziness. His main ambition for Munster Haka is to make money off of his fellow manager’s work. His immaturity often leads to controversy on the page, however, he firmly believes that he is the unappreciated genius of the group after writing one article and creating one video during his two year stint.

Hidden Talents: Australian impersonator, ability to spend a day watching Prison Break, schools rugby hooker with a dream to be Duane Vermeulen.

Favourite Munster Player: Felix Jones

Gif to sum him up:

 Drawing Sketch animated GIF

Admin David – Editor 

In explanation of why he has only posted twice in 2015, Dave tells us that he is too busy trying to win his first game of FIFA with his beloved Vanessa Totenham – which is more than a valid excuse. Some call this young fullback the next Stuart Hogg, others call him the next Patrick star.

Hidden Talents: Ability to get WiFi in the suburbs of Co. Clare, part-time fireman, schools rugby fullback

Favourite Munster Player: CJ Stander

GIF to sum him up: 

Dance Hate animated GIF

Admin Conor – Editor

The mystery man of the Munster Haka. Conor is often used to give his opinion because 3 is an odd number. His one and only Facebook post involved the word ‘Ardscoil’, and the word ‘Nazis’

Hidden Talents: Ability to wear a scarf, schools scrumhalf

Favourite Munster Player: Conor Murray

GIF to sum him up:

disney animated GIF

Email address:

Further info: All you need to know is here:


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