CBC V Glenstal Player Ratings!

Trying something new…



01) Charlie Rasmussen

The powerful prop made some great line breaks during his shift 7/10

02) Adam Coleman

Lead his pack with desire. 7/10

03) Mark Donnelly

Another front-rower who displayed fantastic carrying ability 8/10

04) Aidan Brien

Worked hard and bagged try with 20 minutes on the clock 8/10

05) Played loosely with reward. Assisted try for Downes out wide down the left 7/10

06) Daniel O’Hara

Solidarity personified. Excelled in the clearing out of rucks 8.5/10

07) Conor Walsh

Hustled away and made a memorable linebreak, 6/10

08) Conor O’Sullivan

Biggest guy on the field and made it show with great carries 8/10

09) Jack O’Riordan

Showed brilliant communication and great directing of his players when not excelling on the ball himself 9/10

10) Billy Cain

Played well with ball in hand with nice distribution Suspect of handing away possession a bit easily with kicks however. 7/10

11) Karl Waterman

Showed a lapse in handling early on but demonstrated sweet steps in second half! 7/10

12) Fergal Conway

The captain on the day had an off day. Opposite number Hogan caused problems defensively. 6/10

13) Cillian Coughlan

Made a nice break early on and great passes out to his wingers 8/10

14) Matthew Soames

Near handling, great run down blind side 33 mins as he bounced the full back! One of the star men of the day. 9/10

15) Tommy Downes

On one occasion the fullback sprinted from his own 22 run into the oppositions. Insane runner and showed great defence all game. 9/10


01) Moriarty: 8

02) Fitzgerald: 7

03) Downing: 7

04) Ryan: 8

05) Twomey: 7

06) Fitzgerald: 7

07) Gilbride: 7

08) Mulligan: 7

09) Leonard: 8

10) Dooley: 8

11)  Woodcock: 7

12) Hogan: 9

13) Aylward: 7

14) Hanley: 9

15) Quinn: 8




Brought you by David Madden (CBC) and Sam McCormack (Glenstal). Edited by Ronan Calvert.


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