Italy Talisman Dismisses Talk Of Relegation In Six Nations

After a lot of talk about introducing a Playoff into the Six Nations with teams like Romania and Georgia impressing in the lower tiers. Italy legend Sergio Parrisse has come out to address the speculation.

After another wooden spoon many people have been asking questions about the value of Italy in the famous competition. This is what Parrisse had to say:

“When you lose matches, it’s normal that everyone talks about relegation, I understand that,” said Parisse.

“But I think there’s no way to have relegation in this tournament because can you imagine next year if someone like Ireland or Scotland are last and got relegated? Do you think the [national] federations are going to accept that?”
“I really respect all the other nations – Georgia and Romania have really progressed a lot – but we have been involved in this tournament because we are doing great results,” said Parisse.

“We have beaten great teams, we beat Ireland, Wales, we beat France a few times, and Scotland and we win the respect from everyone to be involved in this tournament,” added the Italy skipper, whose country have yet to beat England, this season’s Six Nations champions.
“Obviously, it’s a difficult campaign but I think at the same time the other nations [Romania and Georgia] must have historic results as we did in the past and maybe one day be involved in this tournament but there’s no way to do relegation. 
“In the last 10-15 years we have had historic results and tell me another nation that deserves more than us to be involved? They didn’t have the same results. 
“I think it’s ridiculous. If one day, anyone decides we must be involved in a relegation match we are going to accept that and play 100 percent.”


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