Super Haka Table: Round Five

The Super Rugby Table represented by team name and ‘Super Haka‘ captains. 

1) Chiefs (Dean Callinan, VC Kieran Ryan): 19

2) Stormers (Paul Hurley):  18

3) Highlanders (Darragh Slattery) : 18

4) Brumbies (Cillian Frawley): 17

5) Sharks (Ryan Hodge): 16

6) Hurricanes (Cathal Hynes): 15

7) Crusaders (Aaron Deegan, VC Conor McInerney): 14

8) Lions (Jack Cosgrave): 13

9) Rebels (Enda Roche): 13

10) Waratahs (James Quinlan): 10

11) Bulls (Jamie Reidy): 10

12) Jaguares (Ronan Calvert): 7

13) Blues (David Woods): 7

14) Cheetahs (Adam Galvin): 6

15) Force (Evan Fitzgerald): 5

16) Reds (Ewan O’Brien): 3

17) Sunwolves (Ruairi Lane): 2

18) Southern Kings (John Maher): 0

Weekly Round-up in GIFS

How Chiefs and Stormers Fans are feeling

happy excited spongebob squarepants exciting patrick star
Enjoy it while it lasts

How everyone looks at teams positioned 10th-13th

lol laughing laugh austin powers evil laugh
Tahs, Blues, Jags.. Don’t cry

Meanwhile we get reaction from Southern King’s Supporters

animation (3).gif



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