Junior Cup Predictions: First Round

Glenstal Vs Clements 

Little expectation here in the grand scale of things, nor as respective teams or as a fixture. Glenstal have been hot and cold this season but should have the firepower to squeeze past their first round opponents.

Verdict: Glenstal by 10

Ardscoil Rís Vs PBC

Neither team will be expected to go all the way. but this a game is sure to be full of fire. PBC have failed to impress in pre-cup friendlies and while the same could be said about their Limerick opponents, Ardscoil will likely have the individual excellence in their locker to pull a result out of the bag.

Verdict: Ardscoil by 5

Rockwell Vs St Munchins 

When these two last met, the Cashel boys handing out a forty point walloping, but an awful lot is expected to change on Wednesday afternoon. Aside from that defeat, Munchins’ form has been almost impeccable against Munster rivals but Rockwell will probably be a level above.

Verdict: Rockwell by 7

Crescent Vs CBC

Two exceptional sides are braced to clash in this one with all signs indicating to an absolute belter. Crescent are the Limerick City Cup champions but CBC have been untouchable this season in their friendlies. Both sides will finish the season with silverware, we reckon.

Verdict: CBC by 10

Bandon Vs Castletroy

Castletroy haven’t been superb, but they will probably fancy their chances against against this novice Bandon side. Not a lot in it, but the Trojan’s experience should be enough to pull them through.

Verdict: Castletroy by 7


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