REVEALED: MHS First Year Player and Team of the Year

All votes have been counted and the results are in…


PSA Academies Player of the Year:

Adam Twomey, Presentation Brothers College.

Team of the Year:

1: Charlie Ryan (PBC)

2: Sam Kennedy (ASR)

3: Gerard McGrath (SCC)

4: Aron Calvert (SMC)

5: Adam Twomey (PBC)

6: Conal Hennshey (CCC)

7: Mark Howell (PBC)

8: Dermott Hughes (GSA)

9: John O’Sullivan (RWC)

10: Ian Larkin (GSA)

11: Sean Ahern (PBC)

12: Cian Noonan (ASR)

13: Aboudi Al-helassi (GSA)

14: Brandon Nash (CCC)

15: James O’Brien (SMC)



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