Junior Cup Team Of The Week: Quarter-finals 

Thanks for voting on Snapchat for your team of the week. The XV of the Junior Cup quarterfinals is as follows…

01) Kieran Ryan (SMC)
02) Ben Comiskey (PBC)
03) Bevan Forde (PBC)
04) James Morrison (CBC)
05) Dean O’Grady (CCC)
06) Peter McBarron (CBC)
07) Nick Green (BGS)
08) James O’Donovan (BGS)

09) Donnchadh O’Callaghan (SMC)
10) Louis Archer (BGS)
11) Evan O’Halloran (CTC)
12) Michael Mulligan (RWC)
13) Darragh Long (SMC)
14) Conor Maxwell (ASR)
15) Josh Egan (SMC) 


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