You have probably noticed that for the past few months we haven’t been posting with near the level of regularity of the previous five years.

That’s because Munster Haka is in transition and we believe that the current model has now ran its course and it’s time to reinvent ourselves. It’s time to transform from a consistent and organized daily social media channel to a website that can offer quality, creative and informative content.

Our first five years have been incredible in terms of growing an audience, gaining recognition and availing of opportunities that would have never been possible without your engagement and support.

However, now as we have established a strong following, enjoyed the taste of success and matured as people, we want to turn the page and change the face of Munster Haka into a more people focused platform and set upon journalistic work to provide you with insight, interviews and interesting conversation.

Wave goodbye to those frequent Facebook posts and embrace the new and improved MH2.

We may not have as much time as we did five years ago, but when we do post we’re most certainly going to make it count.

Muchas Gracias