POLL: On what page should we do all our competitions for the school season?

*Scroll to bottom to vote*

After many discussions between our admins, we failed to reach an agreement on what page exactly should we put our Player of the Year voting, All Star team and everything else?

One argument would be that we shouldn’t try fix what’s not broken and put all our stuff on Munster Haka which was so successful last year. However, perhaps it’s unfair to put up 15 status’ to try and put a first year TOTY together for example when we have 2000 followers that are there for the Munster stuff. It would also mean that Munster Haka Schools would be just used for match results and tables in the future. Ultimately, with over a thousand more likes on this main page, the experience would be greater but messier. 10891619_515857888551111_8720623826252548104_n The other option is to put our stuff on Munster Haka Schools. It’s a schools page so it would make more sense.

Every week we get people messaging us with teamsheets, results, fixtures etc. and it is clear that MHS has a good following. Introducing, these competitions would be incredible for it’s future and in turn from our selfish business point of view, it could reflect likes on to the main page. Unfortunately it has down sides too:

Firstly, from our perspective there’s far more people interactive for the main page and people will expect to find these competitions in the same place meaning that the experience will be poorer. Also, 1000 likes were brought to Munster Haka from the schools season. Maybe we could lose out on such likes if we move the destination and worst case scenario, 1000 people will unlike because they were only in it for the schools10530670_809859245702905_7005795170108541723_n

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