Reacting to your Survey Responses

For the last couple of weeks we have been running a survey in an attempt to improve Munster Haka to the fan’s benefit.

While we have completely been blown away by the positive responses, there have also been some weird answers and a couple of interesting inquiries too – all of which we shall now analyse.

What does Munster Haka OFFER THAT NO OTHER SITE DOES? 

Best Answer: “Regular updates , they listen to their followers opinions and interact with them”

Nicest Answer: “The greatest up-to-date news on Munster”/”The best banter around!”

Meanest Answer:  “Not much”

Do you find anything IRRITATING about our content? 

Best Answer: “Personality is a good thing, but sometimes better to keep it about the story and not the admin. One voice works”

Nicest Answer: “Nope your page is perfect,  just perfect!”

Weirdest Answer: “Computer games” Wut?

Meanest Answer:  “Facebook”

Necessary Responses:  

“Yes some posts are unprofessional unlike the leinster page”

Yes we can agree that we aren’t the most politically correct bunch but would you please care to tell us about this ‘Leinster Haka’?

“No live score updates”

We always provide live updates from untelevised Munster games and occasionally big games on the international and cup rugby scene. If you would like to see more, add us on snapchat: munsterhaka

“Lack of AIL coverage”

In 2014 we made a big effort to cover the domestic game but it was not in the interest of the public and therefore, not worthy enough of our time. Don’t expect weekly updates but we will still be sure to fill you in come the finals.

The terrible music on you videos. I hate electro stuff….sorry!!!! ?

So do we, but it works well with fast paced rugby clips. For the rest of you, please check out our Youtube channel here.

It posts more of Limerick schools rugby news than cork schools

This one that pops up a lot. We got in a number of Cork admins last season and these complaints reflect on their lack of posting rather than the running of the page by the managers. This season we are running a score centre where you will be able to post and receive scores, updates and fixtures from around the province. From this group we shall pick the scores of most relevance and upload on to the page.

What do we need to do more of?

Best Answers:

Up to date results and team of the round for cup weeks/More articles on Rabo games. Opposition backgrounds possibly/ Currently. More RWC squad opinion piece’s.

Nicest Answer: Everything is perfect/ I think you’re pretty much spot on./The compilation videos are great as are the player analysis – more of the same please!

Would you like to see Munster Haka transform into a world rugby page with a new name or remain the same?

Best Answer: Very interested but would like to see Munster Haka remain operational as well

Nicest Answer: Remain the same. Iconic/Remain the same, like Thomond Park the name will become world wide famous

Do you use Munster Haka Schools? What do you think of it?

Best Answer: Seems interesting but only appeals to people from Munster

Nicest Answer: I do & I love it / Best one

Meanest Answer: Never realised it existed (x10)

Check out Munster Haka Schools here. 

Do you have any issues that you would like to mention about Munster Haka on any social media site?

Best Answer: The snapchat hasn’t been great so far

Nicest Answer: No (x20)

Weirdest Answer: “Have the Ultimate Rugby app. Updates are a joke. Thinking of getting rid of it.” (erm, what are we supposed to do for you?)

Meanest Answer: More serious articles should be written. (If that’s your preference that okay but we should have more than enough to entertain you in that department. Check some stuff out here!

Do you have any ideas to improve a section of Munster Haka?

Best Answer: Big “In Your Face ” Logo so it gets people to notice it

Nicest Answer: Just keep up the good work/Just more articles as they make a great forum for discussion and disagreements which creates a great buzz on the page

Meanest Answer: Post consistently (How dare you!?)

Necessary Responses: 

As I mainly access MH via Facebook, is it possible to get a notification on new posts?

If you hover over the like button, a drop down menu including ‘get notifications will appear. Thanks for the support.

Get Munster players to advertise the page

If you can make this happen, please go ahead!

What content do you most enjoy?

Best Answer: Anything that keeps people talking.

Nicest Answer: Videos, articles and player comparisons , but I enjoy it all round

Meanest Answer: General news (After all we do for you!)

We will be keeping this piece updated so if you want to improve Musnetr Haka yourself please go ahead by clicking the following link: 

Join our Fantasy Rugby league:

Thanks for reading


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