Super Rugby Round-Up: Round Seven

The Super Rugby Table represented by team name and ‘Super Haka‘ captains. 

1) Chiefs (Dean Callinan, VC Kieran Ryan): 29 (NZC1)

2) Stormers (Paul Hurley):  23 (AF1)

3) Highlanders (Darragh Slattery) : 23 (WC) 

4) Crusaders (Aaron Deegan, VC Conor McInerney): 22 (WC)

5) Hurricanes (Cathal Hynes): 20 (WC)

6) Bulls (Jamie Reidy): 19

7) Lions (Jack Cosgrave): 18 (AF2)

8) Rebels (Enda Roche): 17

9) Brumbies (Cillian Frawley): 17 (AC1)

10) Sharks (Ryan Hodge): 16

11) Blues (David Woods): 12

12) Waratahs (James Quinlan): 11

13) Reds (Ewan O’Brien): 8

14) Cheetahs (Adam Galvin): 7

15) Jaguares (Ronan Calvert): 7

16) Force (Evan Fitzgerald): 6

17) Southern Kings (John Maher): 4

18) Sunwolves (Ruairi Lane): 3

Super Haka Captain Results

Dean Callinan, Kieran Ryan (Chiefs) 29-23 David Woods (Blues) |

Evan Fitzpatrick (Force) 19-20 Aaron Deegan, Conor McInerney (Crusaders) |

Paul Hurley, David Ryan (Stormers) 46-19 Ruairi Lane (Sunwolves) |

Cathal Hynes (Hurricanes) 40-22 Ronan Calvert (Jaguares) |

Ewan O’Brien (Reds) 28-27 Darragh Slattery (Highlanders) |

Ryan Hodge (Sharks) 9-24 Jack Cosgrave (Lions) |

John Maher (King)s 6-38 Jamie Reidy (Bulls)

Weekly Round-up in GIFS

Reds shock the champions 

vrt wow shit surprised damn

Southern Kings Fans, you’re off the bottom.

happy win excited star trek yes

And Jaguares…

Sunwolves, hang your heads in shame.

Player of the week


The Hurricane’s Julian Savea

The Bus made a return to fitness with a hattrick! 


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