LIVE FEED: PBC Vs Munchin’s

Live updates from Irish Independent Park…

  •  1: The game kicks off
  • 2′: PBC go wide and score with their first attack. Conor Morey the scorer. Conversion missed. 5-0
  • 5′: Break in play as two Munchin’s players clash heads.
  • Clock reads 15′, but Dylan Higgins is still receiving attention. Sean Nestor has come on.
  • Game back on, Munchins win a penalty and clear as far as the halfway.
  • Another Munchins head injury…
  • Both sides have gone down the tunnel. The clock reads 35 minutes but there has been about five minutes of play due to injuries. Munchins centre Craig Carew is receiving attention to his head throughout this break.
  • This game’s future is looking in doubt. Discussions are being held.
  • PBC return to the field!
  • The Munchin’s man is eventually stretchered off following some lenghtly but necessary procedures.
  • Ref blows his whistle, the game has been called off.


1. Darragh McSweeney
2. Billy Kingston
3. Chris Morris
4. Jack Kelleher
5. Michael Giltinan
6. Max O’Leary
7. Richie Foley
8. Alex Kendellan
9. Joe O’Leary
10. Alex Walsh
11. Jeff Holden
12. Darragh O’Sullivan
13. Michael Hand
14. Conor Morey
15. Darragh French

Replacements from: 16. Dylan Devlin, 17. Michael Hayes, 18. Tom Gough, 19. David O’Halloran, 20. John Forde, 21. James Keohane, 22. Daniel Hurley, 23. Colin Doyle, 24. Tim Buckley.

Munchin’s Squad

1. Nathan Walsh
2. Sean Airey
3. Niall McNamara
4. Conor Duggan
5. Liam Neilan
6. Dylan Higgins
7. Ewan O’Brien
8. Conor Nesbitt (C)
9. Donnchadh O’Callaghan
10. Jamie Ryan
11. Jamie Butler
12. Craig Carew
13. Dean Callinan
14. Joshua Campbell
15. Keith McInerney

Replacements from: 16. Joachim Clohessy, 17. Sean Mason, 18. Craig Finn, 19. Graham Kirwan, 20. Sean Nestor, 21. Darragh Slattery, 22. Conor O’Brien Comerford, 23. Kacper Kucz, 24. Myles Lawler, 25. Jason Keane.


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