Ronan Calvert reports from Irish Independent Park

  • 1′: The game kicks off
  • 3′: A well-worked Bandon attack results in a penalty. Fullback Sean Hudson knocks it over. 3-0.
  • 5′: PBC hit back from the kick off. A superb run from fullback Jonathan Wren was eventually stopped with a high tackle. Kicker Sean French’s penalty effort hits the post.
  • 7′: PBC’s field position is spoiled as Bandon get a hand to Billy Scannell’s lineout throw.
  • 11: Pres kick a penalty into Bandon territory. Lineout is better this time but Bandon get the better of the maul to earn a scrum put-in.
  • 13: Bandon force a knock on from Jonathan Wren and win a penalty at a ruck seconds later. The underdogs are very much so on top so far.
  • 14: Pres’ turn to disrupt lineout ball. They win back the ball and clear to halfway.
  • 17′: PBC knock on. Bandon scrum just inside their own half.
  • 18′: James French gets the better of his man in the scrum. Bandon fullback Sean Hudson finds touch on the PBC 22 metre line.
  • 20′: Attack comes to nothing. Wren kicks PBC up to their own 22.
  • 21: Conditions are appalling but Bandon are beginning to turn the screw.
  • 22′: Bandon go for the posts but Hudson’s kick swirls well wide and short under the lashing hail.
  • 23′: Sean Hudson kicks into the corner for Bandon but big opportunity comes to nothing as they fail to control the ball. Weather affecting both sides.
  • 25′: James Broderick breaks out of his 22 and Pres win a penalty. They find touch inside the Bandon half.
  • 27′: Colin Deane intercepts the throw and Bandon plough forward.
  • 30′: Bandon’s kicking game reaps it’s awards as they win a penalty. Hudon’s long range effort tails away with the wind at the last second.
  • 32′: Pres get possession for the first time in quite a while. Choke tackle results in a PBC scrum.
  • 35′: PBC go for the posts from beyond the half way line. In the conditions, this is a shot at nothing.
  • 35′: The ball drops just wide and bounces dead the end the half.

Half time: Bandon 3-0 PBC

  • 36′: Second half kicks off.
  • 39′: Bandon lineout just outside their own 22.
  • 41′: Two fantastic tackles from Jan Donnelly earns Bandon a lineout inside the PBC half.
  • 44′: Sean Hudson requires attention having clashed heads with Pres captain Jack O’Sullivan. He argues his case but is recommened to leave the field.
  • 44′: Another Bandon injury. The ref immediately calls the medical team onto the field. This looks more serious.
  • 44′: Clock has been stopped for over five minutes now as the stretcher makes its way to the field.
  • 44′: Ethan Greene is carried off. Wishing him a full recovery.
  • 50′: Bandon lineout is intercepted by Pres. Jack O’Sullivan breaks into the opposition 22 but possession is eventually turned over with a choke tackle.
  • 54′: A moment of magic from Sean French! The centre chips over the Bandon defence and collects to score. PBC 5-3 Bandon.
  • 58′: Fantastic break from Jack O’Sullivan proves a serious threat to Bandon but they touch down for the 22 dropout as the number eight chooses to kick through.
  • 63′: Bandon have a penalty from 40 yards out but Evan Palmer fails to execute from the tee. It remains 5-3 to PBC
  • 67′: Pres win a scrum penalty and move into the Bandon half.
  • 68′: Sean French kicks his PBC side up into the Bandon 22 with just seconds remaining.
  • 69′: Pres scrum. They disrupt Bandon’s maul.
  • 70′: Jack O’Sullivan breaks through a number of Bandon defenders and touches down to seal the deal! Sean French converts.

Full Time: PBC 12-3 Bandon Grammar

Presentation Brothers College 

1. Conor Burke
2. Billy Scannell
3. Brian O’Conor
4. Adam McAuliffe
5. Mark McCarthy
6. Cian Fitzgerald
7. David Hyland
8. Jack O Sullivan (Captain)
9. Gary Bradley
10. Peter Sylvester (VC)
11. Tom Fitzgerald
12. James Broderick
13. Seán French
14. Paul Buckley
15. Jonathan Wren

Replacements from:16. Alex Keating, 17. Kieran Nugent, 18. Eoin Burns, 19. Cathal Browne, 20. Darragh O’Callaghan, 21. David Harrington, 22. Sam O’Donovan, 23. Harry Dillon, 24. Louis Bruce, 25. Paul Kennedy.

Bandon Grammar

1. James French
2. Travis Coomey
3. Ashley Deane
4. Conor Scully
5. Jason Bradfield
6. Billy Hayes
7. Colin Deane (Capt)
8. Robin Stokes
9. Jack Crowley
10. Evan Palmer
11. Jan Donnelly
12. Ethan Greene
13. Ben Gur
14. Victor Lovell
15. Sean Hudson

Replacements from: 16. Michael Archer, 17. Alex O’Connor, 18. David Ogden, 19. Paul Jackson, 20. Niall Beamish, 21. Soren Minihane, 22. Sean Madden, 23. Harry Hall, 24. Nicco Bakker, 25. Joshua Brady.


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