REVEALED: Junior Cup Team Of The Year!

All votes have been counted and the results are in…


  1. Darragh Mcsweeney (PBC)
  2. Sean Rall (CBC)
  3. Mark Donnelly (CBC)
  4. Muiris Bulaeir (GSA)
  5. Nathan Shaughnessy (SMC)
  6. Cian White (CTC)
  7. Ronan O’Sullivan (CBC)
  8. Jason Connolly (BGS)
  9. Jake Connolly (CCC)
  10. Jack Delaney (CCC)
  11. Aaron Leahy (CBC)
  12. Craig Carew (SMC)
  13. Michael Hand (PBC)
  14. Gary Kelly (CCC)
  15. Nickolas Kennedy (RWC)

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