Senior Cup Team Of The Week: Round One 

Thanks for voting on Snapchat for your team of the week. The XV of round one is as follows…

01) Mark Fleming (GSA)

02) Keith Hyland (SMC)

03) Ashley Deane (BGS)

04) Will O’Callaghan (ASR)

05) David Kelly (GSA)

06) Brendan Ryan (RWC)

07) Shane Brosnahan (SCC)

08) Daniel Okeke (ASR)

09) Jack Crowley (BGS)

10) Jack Delaney (CCC)

11) Ryan O’Sullivan (RWC)

12) Harry Benner (Glenstal)

13) Eoghan Barrett (CBC)

14) Ronan Quinn (GSA)

15) John Hurley (CCC)


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