AS IT HAPPENED: Munchin’s Vs Ardscoil 

Ronan Calvert reports from the University Of Limerick 

  • KO is at 14:30
  • 1′: Game kicks off
  • 10′: Munchin’s clear following a break from Daniel Okeke
  • 15′: Penalty for Munchins knocked into the corner following a dominant maul.
  • 22′: TRY! Jake Murphy crashes over from the Munchins maul but Pendijito pulls the conversion wide. 5-0.
  • 26′: Munchins attack once more but concede a penalty just as they began to build momentum.
  • 30′: Ardscoil scrum on the halfway.
  • 33:’ Ardscoil win a penalty and kick it to touch on the Munchin’s ten metre line.
  • 35′: TRY! Ardscoil build phases and crash over on the stroke of half time to take the lead. 7-5.
  • 36′: Second half resumes but a dangerous collision has forced a break in play
  • 40′: Munchin’s line-out on the half way line as Conor Nesbitt receives attention.
  • 50′: Ardscoil add three from long range. 10-5
  • 53′: Darragh O’Gorman fails to add a second penalty. It remains 10-5.
  • 60′: Munchies have a line-out five out from the Ardscoil try line but it goes array.
  • 62′: A superb clearence kick by Darragh O’Gorman relieves the pressure for Ardscoil.
  • 65′: Ardscoil defend brilliantly once more and win a penalty on halfway for their efforts.
  • 65′: Daniel Okeke has however been shown red by the referee reducing Ardscoil to fourteen men.
  • 67′: O’Gorman finds an excellent touch on the Munchin’s 22.
  • FT: Ardscoil 10-5 Munchins

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